Taco Dinner$ 13.00

3 tacos with your choice of meat or vegetable, onions, lime and cilantro (flour tortilla also available).
Served with rice and beans.

Meat Fillings
Extra $.25 to $.50

·Asada (steak)
·Al pastor (Pork)
·Barbacoa de res (chunky beef)
·Chorizo (Mexican sausage)
·Lengua (beef tongue)
·Chicharrón (Pork rinds in red mild sauce)
·Pollo (Chicken)
·Tripas (Tripe)


Extra Fillings
$1.00 to $2.00

·Sour Cream
·Pumpkin flowers
·Poblano peppers

Veggie Fillings

·Hongos (Mushrooms)
·Nopales (cactus)
·Rajas Poblanas (Poblano peppers)
·Flor de calabaza (Pumpkin flowers)
·Huitlacoche (Mexican corn truffle)


Sides $2.50

·Mexican rice
·Refried beans


Extra Meat $2.50

*Customary 18% will be added to parties of 5 or more


  • Sarah Schuh
    Posted January 30, 2021 6:16 pm

    Flour tortillas
    No onions

    • Adam
      Posted February 26, 2022 7:44 pm

      Was it good?

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